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TOM makes it a point to keep abreast of relevant industry news, trends and changes. Maybe that’s how we stay ahead of the game in what we do. Here, in our News Center, our team shares all of this with you. Check out some of the latest industry news as well as our helpful accounting hints and other financial management articles. We dedicate our work to making sure our clients achieve their goals, and are glad when the media takes notice of our efforts. Discover all the latest developments of our growing business.

News: News and Updates

 television factory in Shenzhen, China. The U.S. has additional tariffs coming on Dec. 15 that already have Chinese manufacturers scurrying.   © Reuters

YUSUKE HINATA, Nikkei staff writerDecember 10, 2019 12:14 JST


China Inc's search for factories hits technological wall in Cambodia

GUANGZHOU -- Amid uncertainty about where the U.S.-China trade war is headed, Chinese manufacturers are hesitating in their attempts to shift production overseas.

While there is some eagerness to go ahead with these moves, many manufacturers are wary about the lack of technological sophistication and funding in target destinations.


World Factory

26 Mar 2020 Forbe

Sun sets on the Bao steel mill in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China

Forbes-World Factory.jpg

COVID-19 Undermines China’s Run As The World’s Factory, But Beijing Has A Plan

Chinese workers are returning to their jobs, the factory lights have been turned on again, and the place that we have know as the manufacturing epicenter of the planet for the past 20 years gets back at it. However, China is stepping out from quarantine into a very different world.

The exodus of companies leaving China had been underway for years—even before Trump’s trade war and the COVID-19 pandemic—and it’s not something that Beijing has necessarily tried to stem. To the contrary, Beijing is one of the forces driving it.....

China Is the World's Manufacturing Superpower

By Felix Richter, Feb 18, 2020


While the economic fallout of the coronavirus outbreak will undoubtedly be most severe in China, the negative effects of the pandemic won’t be confined by the Great Wall. After all, China is the world’s manufacturing hub and the ripple effect of shutdowns across the country is already leading to supply constraints in various industries all around the globe....

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